About Me

My name is Mandy. I grew up in Maryland, moved to West Virginia, moved back to Maryland, moved to New Jersey, moved to California, moved to New Mexico, and then moved back to California. I'm a tad bit wanderlusty. I've been in San Diego, California working as an avian biologist, first for a non-profit organization then for a private consulting firm, since 2010.

I'm a feather-mama to two eternal two-year olds. Loki is a Goffin's cockatoo (or Tinambar cockatoo), and Mango is a sun conure. I inherited them in early 2014, and this blog will mainly serve to chronicle my misadventures with re-learning the ropes of captive bird care and training.

I also enjoy backpacking, hiking, painting, vulgar cross stitches, sudoku, getting tattoos, and animal skull taxidermy.

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