Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh, hello blog!

Let me start by saying that the idea of me blogging seems a little silly. I don't always feel like I have much to say, nor do I think that my experiences are unique enough to warrant an entire page with my ramblings. However, I have been encouraged by friends and family members to share my experiences, and so I will (somewhat) begrudgingly oblige.

I've been reading a lot of other blogs, and I came across a particular entry today. The writer talks about a quote from the movie version of Little Women, and I'm not gonna lie... I ripped the title of my blog directly from it. But only because it struck me so! In the scene, Jo March is talking to Mr. Mayer about women's voting rights, and... well, here's the rest:

Mr. Mayer: You should have been a lawyer, Miss March
Jo March: I should have been a great many things, Mr. Mayer.

I should have been a great many things. That really got me thinking. I should have been a great many things. Like what? I've studied so many subjects. I've set my heart on so many goals. I could have been a veterinarian, a musician, an artist, a crime scene analyst, a molecular biologist, or a geneticist. I could have been a wife and mother by now. I could have died by now. I could have stayed in Maryland, my home state, or I could have traveled the world. But here I am, a field biologist in southern California.

I could have been any number of things. But I am young, and I still have time to find out what I should be.

So there it is! My very first blog post. Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.

Byeeee. :)